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At Rapid Tooling we provide services ranging from Turnkey Solutions to Staff Training. We aim to provide a full package that can assist you in your business.

Below you can see some key services we provide but by no means all the services. If you cant find a service that you may require please contact one of the team to assist you.


Turnkey Solutions; Getting a new machine?

We can onsite reprogram, retool and reengineer new and existing components from an aircraft wing spar to a simple nut or washer. We can use most programming languages including Fanuc, Mazatrol and Siemens control including 5 axis components using CAD/CAM packages at our disposal. A full time study would normally be presented with a quotation upon request. We have a proven track record looking at existing components and significantly reducing cycle times often without major programming changes. We do this with our experience and our vast support network of high quality contracted programmers.

Jig and Fixture design and production

We can design and manufacture tailor made fixtures to suit any type of turning, milling or drilling operation. Our creative and innovative approach to solving and improving our customers manufacturing issues is our passion. The more challenging the problem is, the more satisfaction we get from finding the solution.

Telemetry equipment to monitor productivity and downtime

We can provide, set up and install advanced telemetry equipment so all manufacturing can be monitored from one central system including mobile monitoring to see cycle times, downtime and set up times. Overall factory efficiency levels can be viewed as a whole, machine or part.

Staff Training

Training is important for any company to ensure staff have the required knowledge to help drive the company towards its targets. At RTS we recognise this and our staff deliver a premium training service with no charge to the end user.

We can offer a range of training courses as standard from programming techniques, modern day milling and high performance drilling alongside our turning and grooving service. We can also tailor make programs to suit the business in which we are working.

Technical consultancy, Efficiency improvements

We offer onsite consultancy to review any aspect of engineering from overall process reviews to what machine tools may be suitable for a new project, saving our customers time and money helps ensure we both have a successful future and to help forge strong relationships.

Customers can receive a project folder with documented cost savings to help monitor our progress and performance.



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